Monday, March 24, 2008

Week 8 - 6-2 Starting Sanding, Drilling, Design, Layout

Drilled, Belt/Spindle/Hand sanded, and measured our boards. Some cut foam boards and finished testing on tools.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Logo Contest - Samples of Logos

ALL 6th Grade students must make A 3inch by 3 inch Logo for their skateboards.
  1. 3x3 Size to fit on Tip of Skateboard
  2. NO Brands (For example, Company Symbols like Nike Swoosh or Band Names)
  3. 1 Color
  4. Can draw or use computer software to create, but must hand in Digitally (as Email)
  5. Must be appropriate for school

We will VOTE online one with Most Votes will be made into Stencil and places on tip of ALL BOARDS.

Sebasticook 6th Logo 2007

Week 8 - 6-3 Starting Sanding, Drilling, Design, Layout

We began Sanding, Drilling, Cutting out Foam Boards, Measuring Trucks and Laying out Our Skateboards.